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The Hashtag Journey

The Hashtag Journey

In just under 4 months from now I’ll be on an adventure. Some might say it’s a “journey.” But they can bugger off. You know how I feel about that word! You don’t? Oh, OK. Well I think Journey was a good band with a classic song that we’ve all heard far too much- mostly screamed in karaoke bars and badly belted out by cover bands in Irish pubs- a bit like the word ‘journey’ itself. It has been overused on motivational memes, merchandise and all social media. Everyone seems to be on a journey, their own personal journey whether it be losing weight, travel, starting up a small business or going to the shops to get the milk… No, it’s not a journey. A guru didn’t tell you to go get the milk and bread. Your kids did. Sometimes you’re just doing things. There doesn’t need to be a spiritual reason behind everything does there!? We don’t all have to be trying to find ourselves do we!? Wait, what? There is? We DO!? Sigh.

Ah, I give up.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

I’m on a journey.

Look, there’s a wanky photo being all journeyish and stuff. You could drown in hashtags!

Hashtag the shit outta that! #JOURNEY

And as someone wise once said…


Let’s face it, it’s a great song!

So, where was I? Right, in 4 months I’ll be off on another one of my spiritual quests, or, as I prefer to think of it, before I die I’m going to “just do stuff”. Hey that’s pretty catchy! I might put that on a t-shirt or bumper sticker. Nike: Just Do Stuff ®©™

I’ll be doing some other interesting things between now and then, but in my upcoming scribble/blog/ramble, I’ll explain in further detail exactly what IT is I’ll be doing in 4 months from now and how YOU can get involved. But right now, you need a lie down. We live in the YouTube/ millennial age, a generation with short attention span when nobody can concentrate for too long, so I’ll try to limit the word count on each post. I know I’ve probs totes already lost some of you…. LOOK! A SILLY CAT VIDEO! lolz!

Did you crawl back safely from that rabbit hole?

It’s been long overdue that I joined the masses – I hesitate in saying this – but I’m finally writing a blog. Ewww, that feels yuk just typing it. Every now and then I’ll fart out a long Facebook status or share some funny poem or open up about something mildly interesting and on the back of that, many people tell me I should hurry up and write a book, but I’ve always found excuses. The main one being, if I can’t even be arsed to write a blog, how am I supposed to write a book? And with that, here we go. Baby steps.

But if a tree falls in the forest… and nobody interacts with my blog, did ?

So if you have friends, family and colleagues who likes travel, comedy and silly, honest and often cringeworthy real life stories, then feel free to share this with them also, because without YOUR motivation then MYprocrastination will get the better of ME! See how much I procrastinate? I’m enjoying putting unnecessary words in bold and learning how to hyperlink stuff for no real reason. I’m basically guilt tripping you into making me work. For YOU! At the end of the day, it’s all for you. It always has been. Without an audience, there is no need for a jester. Send in the clowns…

Apparently I am “living the dream” with my cool job and travelling lifestyle. But I think it can suck as much as any job at times. Grass is always greener huh? So here’s the deal. Let’s make a pact: I’ll make some video diaries, post photos, write about my travels, share the behind the scenes of live shows, life “on tour” and hopefully my shenanigans will keep you entertained on your coffee break. If you’re not able to escape the rut of that mundane 9-5 existence, or you’re temporarily unable to travel (for 20 years because you have kids or a mortgage), well you’re more than welcome to live vicariously through me (for what it’s worth I envy stability, routine and a regular income). BUT this is what I want from YOU.  I need your feedback, your likes, your follows , shares, interaction and constant appraisal so that I know I’m not just talking to myself! And in return, I promise not to sugar coat it. I won’t be trying to make you laugh all the time, in fact I might even pull out some poetry and write something from the heart and prove that life on the road is not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. You might even cry and feel tingles. Sound like a fair trade? Good. Shake on it. Now go wash your hands. I’ve been touching farm animals in 3rd world countries within the last 30 days and lied on my landing card.

I’ll happily take donations via PayPal to fund the “journey” too. This shit cost money!

*note to self. Set up a donations account 📷

PS. I’m new to the blog world, so bare with me as I sort through old hard drives and word documents, I have many years of stories to share with you, an entire back catalogue, but trust me, shit’s gonna get real.

Happy Travels / Feliz Viaje


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