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Episode 314 - Marcus Ryan joins Matt Kirshen & Andy Wood talking funny and smart stuff for Probably Science Podcast.

Episode 314 with Marcus Ryan!

Globetrotting comedian Marcus Ryan (@itsmarcusryan) joins Matt and Andy to discuss losing money internationally, optimistic condoms, Nobel Prize winners and Nobel limitations, exoplanets and moon moons, Superman films and piss-crazed goats.

Episode 302 - Marcus Ryan and Bad Action Films

In this episode, we invite Marcus Ryan to join us right before he starts up his Edmonton Fringe Show, "Marcus Ryan - ¿Hablas Inglés?". He wanted to see a bad action film, turns out that's precisely what we gave him... but not the way he was had hoped.

The 2nd Last Episode - Featuring Comedian Marcus Ryan

- Lindsay Webb Podcast - Jan 2017

Recorded at Fringe World Perth 2017.

- Daniel Townes Podcast - April 2014

- Arts Breakfast Radio - March 2017

- In Joke, SYN Radio (interview) - April 2017

- In Joke, SYN Radio (Mulga Bill Poem, live poetry read) - April 2017

- What it Is Podcast (Edmonton Fringe, Canada) - Aug 2015

- A Moveable Feast, 3AW Radio Travel Show (interview) - April 2017

- The Movie Jerks Podcast (Canada) - Aug 2015

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The Joey Medina ShowPodcast - Singapore
MIKE FM - Marcus RyanInterview - Montreal June 2018

Live Gigs

- Nova FM, Hughesy & Kate (Oaks Day)


- Nova FM, Hughesy & Kate (MICF Town Hall)


Nova FM Live @ Oaks Day 2010Oaks Day, Melbourne
Nova 100 Live @ MICF Melbourne Comedy Festival
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