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Pens don’t kill people…

When I was in primary (elementary) school I learnt the art of writing; using capital and lower case letters, print and cursive handwriting, dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s, staying in the lines and improving my grammar and spelling. I still make mistakes but I’m pretty good at it. But first I practised with crayon and moved onto pencil. At a certain stage and age I was trusted to use a pen. I was then given a “pen license”, not an actual legitimate form of identification or a physical document mind you, just a way of saying I was ready to use pens and a pat on the back for my improved writing skills. I took care with pens, I respected them and their power, in the wrong hands they can be dangerous, I keep my pens away from children and don’t let them play with them. I would keep the lids on when not in use for safety. I love writing and I carry a pen almost everywhere I go, sometimes I have a backup pen in case one runs out of ink. It’d be a shame if someone took my pen away from me, but if ever I was told than pens would be banned because too many people have been misusing them, I would understand. I have a laptop, phone and a voice I can use for communication. Sure, it’s not the same as handwriting, but I’m a grown up and can see reason and if the world was better off without pens then so be it.

I’ve never owned or carried 47 pens at one time.

Just because I have a license to own as many pens as I want, and it’s legal, I don’t see why I – a person with 2 hands and predominantly writes with one hand – should need more. I would be very cautious and question the sanity of someone who feels the “need” to own and/or carry 47 pens. If you saw someone who only has 2 hands, walk into a café to sit down and write and they have 47 pens in their pocket, you might think there’s something a bit strange right?

My mother however, has a kitchen draw and tupperware containers filled with hundreds of pens…

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