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It's NOT News, Corp

Regardless of whether or not Covid-19 is a conspiracy, or if masks are beneficial or not, or if Bill Gates and 5G are to blame for anything, or if anything else you've ever said holds ground, please be aware that your opinion is completely invalid if you are sharing any political articles or TV news clips from Rupert Murdoch owned media News Corp Australia For example Sky News, Herald Sun, The Australian, Fox News etc. If YOU DO A TINY BIT OF RESEARCH into Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp, who he is, what he stands for and how he has manipulated elections and avoided paying taxes around the world etc, you will learn that they are NOT news, they are propaganda media pushing an agenda for political power & money. That is all. That's what he stands for. Money & power. He has jumped ship so many times simply to suit his business. He is not a staunch liberal or labour party supporter. He follows who he thinks can win or who may already be likely to win an election because he wants to be on the winners side and if they don't accept his endorsement in exchange for back-patting then he'll go after them and destroy them with back-stabbing. He is a fantastic businessman, but he has no ethics or morals when it comes to the truth. And that is what NEWS should be- the truth- not a biased opinion to suit your not so hidden agenda. I'm not suggesting your theory or beliefs aren't valid or that there might not be truth to it, but if you're using an article or opinion from one of their very loosely defined "journalists" then you have just lost 100% credibility in any argument on that matter. And anything else you ever say beyond that will be taken with a grain of salt. Although their opinions are very strong and loud, people like Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt (the list goes on) are working for a company who pays them well to spread a certain agenda. They are all puppets and if they don't play the game they're out of a job. They are famously gossip based tabloid news, they've hacked a dead teenage girls phone (google it), they have guests on their shows (Pauline Hanson etc) who they know will cause trouble, say horrible things and/or agree with what they want, because everyone loves a car crash. They write and say controversial things for headlines to get ratings and clicks, they do all these things to sway readers and viewers to get angry and vote the way that suits them. They constantly lie and get caught out for lying and are very rarely held accountable for it, why? Because they have got the politicians under their thumb. NewsCorp puts politicians in power. Politicians repay the favour. The leaders of your country should be working for you. Instead they are working for NewsCorp and whoever else is lining their pockets with money. Mining companies etc. Your politicians should be fearful of you, instead of an old snake who disowned his home country to manipulate politics in another for greed.

By arguing people are sheep for one thing, and not realising that you are a sheep for blindly following NewsCorp, then the wool has grown too far over your own eyes! 🐑 -- This is not an opinion based rant, this is a rant based on FACTS. I'm not saying you're not a good person or your intentions aren't good, or that other news sources aren't corrupt or politicians aren't either. I'm simply stating a fact. -- TL;DR - DO YOUR RESEARCH. Nothing you share from NewsCorp can be given any credibility. And it's making you look like a fool. Stop it. ❤️ Be nice to each other. Stop fighting. Call your family and friends. Hang in there. Exercise and get fresh air when you can. Put on some music and dance. Namaste. x

This took too much energy for my little brain, I won't be engaging in a debate on other things, this is purely about NewsCorp. Peace x

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