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From Gloom to Zoom

Even though I wasn't able to do my Wonthaggi show last night, I decided I had 2 options. Mope about it and get angry at all that hard work and preparation down the drain OR stop and appreciate and celebrate the achievement? I chose the latter. Selling out a show without a manager, agent, PR etc is worth a pat on the back.

And if I can do it once, I can do it again. And maybe twice!

(with the help and support of every one of you)😊


Something fun that took my mind off not doing that show was a challenging alternative gig. I was invited to do a short set on 'A Rational Fear' podcast via Zoom hosted by very talented Dan Ilic. Sure, it's not the same buzz as 400 people in a sold out theatre but it was a new experience and my calendar is pretty open now so I'm open to trying new things and pushing myself. Also, the podcast has a lot more followers than I do so it's always nice to be introduced to a new and wider audience who might not know of your work.

I set up a makeshift studio in the bedroom, lamp for stage light, stool and even had an unplugged mic to feel like I was on stage. I showered and got dressed in clothes I might wear to a gig to feel the part too. Then logged on with the others as they recorded the show and waited for my intro.

Having never done a gig via webcam before I had no idea how loud to talk and not being able to really gauge the reactions from the others on the screen I had no idea how the jokes were coming across. It was definitely strange.

Normally at a comedy club I'll throw in a new joke or two buried in a longer set. Or if I'm doing an open mic night to try out brand new stuff I'll do all new, but even then I might start off with something that I know works just to get the crowd warmed up and at ease knowing they're in good hands. But if the world is ending (TBC), I'm not wasting my time doing old jokes, I'm taking risks! I haven't been on stage since March 15 and I'm eager to perform.

I comprised a set from my recent tweets and thoughts and my entire routine was brand new untested, mostly all about Coronavirus of course! It was such a surreal experience.

It taught me a couple of things. I'm no longer scared to fail. I thrive on challenges. Not everything will go smoothly but what's the worst that can happen? You'll learn from it and improve for the next time. So, don't be afraid to try new things. The other thing I've learnt is don't sit around dwelling on things that don't go your way, pick yourself up and find the positives and just get on with it. I can bitch and moan and ask for sympathy and pity but at the end of the day, they're all just my problems and everyone has their own shit going on. Work hard, keep trying, don't be afraid to get it wrong and mostly, try to enjoy the process. I'm inspired and motivated to stay positive and keep creating.

Find what you love and give it 100%. Namaste. 🎱

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