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El Camino: Day 28

Day #28 El Camino

Tuesday 10th October

Hospital da Cruz > Melide

Distance walked: 28km

I awoke hungry. Not too hungry, but I knew I needed to get some distance done before I would find a place to get a coffee. I baulked at the first place I saw open, thinking I can hold out a little longer, not knowing where or when the next town or café would be open. I marched on until the hunger grew too strong, eventually settling for a small bar with a few men already perched up on the stools. I ordered my coffee and it got me started. 1 euro. I was now down to my last 8 euros until an ATM came along. Who knows where or when that’d be! Sure enough something came up. I never worried too much. It’s all just for dramatic effect for the movie they’ll make about my life one day starring some homeless guy as me. I found an ATM and promptly went on an inappropriate spending spree at the nearest supermarket, forgetting my rule about carrying too much food on me while hiking.

I bought the world’s largest empanada. It was like a metre square. I have a photo and I exaggerated in the size description. Yes, I lied. But it was too big for one sitting.

The energy disappeared early today, no reason why but I’ll blame it completely on the empanada. Maybe that’s what causes Spanish people to take siestas? So much bread and pastry makes them sleepy?

Melide was the town that I found myself in for the night, a respectable 28km walked today. I barely drank any water. I’m finding I have been walking quite long distances with very little water. Once your body gets used to it, I guess it can handle it. Not a wise move though. Drink more water Marcus! Arriving into Melide was a mini celebration. I was already into the 100km or less zone approaching Santiago as of yesterday (I forgot to include that in the post) and so every town arrival meant one step and one night closer to the end. The municipal albergue was located on the exit of the town and so the arrival meant another 1-2km walk through town until I was able to rest my feet.

I was pretty pooped and continued with bags of ice on both legs. My body is slowly falling apart but as I go to sleep tonight I am 51km away from Santiago. Just 2 more days walking and the main Camino is all over… until I stupidly journey on to the coast to be a hero.

¡Buen Camino!

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