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You've been given this card. It means you've either done something to warrant being a HERO or a ZERO. But which one are you? Remember when the person gave you this card? What were you doing? What DID you do? Find out from the list below which category you fall in. If what you did is not on the list, then let us know what it was and we'll add it. 

If you are a hero, congratulations. You're a good person, keep being you! 

If you're a zero, well there's room for improvement. Perhaps the people around you weren't so appreciative of your behaviour but didn't want to cause a confrontation. Don't get bitter, get better!  Got a suggestion to add to the list. Get in touch!  

gave up your seat on public transport

said thank you

held a door open

carried my groceries to my car

gave me a compliment 

listened to music/video on your device with no earphone

clipped your nails on public transport

walked like a zombie face in your phone 

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