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An Ode to dogs.

An Ode to dogs. A poem by me, written just now. --- A dog is a man’s best friend, no truer words have been said, Who wants nothing more, than a scratch on the head. A tickle on the tummy, a tennis ball to chase, these simple things will bring, a smile to their face. A stick to fetch, a frisbee to catch, a walk in the park, these simple things will result, in a friendly happy bark. She’ll wait for you by the door, when you return from work, And when she hears the car, she’ll run around berserk! She’ll have raced up the yard, before you’ve reached the gate, with a look that says, “where have you been? You’re late!”

But all has been forgiven, with a belly scratch and pat, It wouldn’t be the case if you’d got yourself a cat. A cat wouldn’t be at the gate, it wouldn’t wait for you, You could be gone 3 weeks, and it’d still say F*** you! That’s why they say, a man’s best friend is a dog, Not a cat, or a bird, or a rabbit or a frog.

You can take your dog to the beach, he’ll join you for a run, Take him fishing or hunting, just don’t let him hold the gun! A dog can lead the blind, they’ll even guard your home, Protect you from intruders, payment - a juicy bone. Dogs can round up cattle, and help lighten the farmers work, Saves paying for an apprentice, that’s another perk. They work for airport security, in the police and army too, they can swim, jump & climb, great for search & rescue. When you write down all their skills, it’s easy to see, They probably have a better CV, than you and me! And all they want is a tin of meat, and a fresh bucket of water, they won’t whinge or moan or need a phone, like your son or daughter! Find a branch or a ball, or chewable squeaky toy, They’ll be content with that, and run around with joy. Or crack the window in the car, watch the wind hit their face, It’s the simple things in life, they teach us to embrace.

And that’s the best thing about ‘em, besides an impressive resume, they show you how to love, and will love you every day. They can sense when somethings wrong, and always be by your side, they’re loyal no matter what, they’ve even grieved and cried. A perfect companion for the sick, or sprightly young tradie, or for a family of six, or a dear little old lonely lady.

My dog has helped me through tough times, she’s been my mental health, There's no money, degree or fame ,can ever match that kind of wealth. Yep that’s the best thing about ‘em, when your tears form a puddle, They'll jump on you, lick your face, and give you a great big cuddle.

That wouldn't be the case, if you’d got a cat, They’d turn their nose up at you ,and probably call you fat. Let’s not pick on those who prefer cats, it wouldn’t be fair, Because you and I both know, they’re not quite all there! Truth is cats are also great company, to have around the home, Just don’t try to convince me they’re better than dogs, ‘cos then you’re on your own!

Our Lucie has been with us, for 18 years today, Running around the farm or beach, for a swim and play. She’s also suffered trauma, and a broken leg or two, She’s deaf and now forgetful, but never stops loving you. Her vision is also fading, she can’t see too far, And now she needs help, getting in and out of the car.

Many people who see her, ask “how old is your pup?” And when you tell ‘em her age, their eyebrows shoot up! They ask “is she a shepherd, or a mix, a kelpie cross?” “I don’t know mate, to me she’s just the boss.” She’s never cared too much, for meeting any other K-9, It’s probably what kept her so young, staying single all this time! But now she’s slowing down, it’s more a walk than a run, she’ll still smile no matter what, for each and every one.

We cherish each walk, you never know which will be the last, These 18 human years, the time has gone by so fast. Happy birthday Lucie, you’ve been the best thing for mum and dad, Each time I’ve left for overseas, it leaves me feeling sad. This’ll probably get me in trouble, with an ex or two, But I’ve never loved a girl, as much as I’ve loved you!

Even though seeing you age and frail, brings me to tears, I’m glad I’m home right now, in your twilight years. You’ve been there for me, now I’ll do the same, And carry you and lift you, and take some of your pain.

All dogs want in return is a belly scratch, and company for a while, They’ll be your shadow and when you’re sad, they’ll make you smile. Yep that’s the best thing about ‘em, and a good way to end. It’s true what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. 💚

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